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Determination of the copper isotope composition of seawater revisited: A case study from the Mediterranean Sea ArchiMer
Baconnais, Isabelle; Rouxel, Olivier; Dulaquais, Gabriel; Boye, Marie.
A new technique for the determination of dissolved copper isotope composition (δ65Cu) of seawater was applied to examine copper sources and internal cycling in the Mediterranean Sea. A succession of chelating resin with nitrilotriacetic acid functional groups and strong base anion exchange resin, together with optimization of the multi-collector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry set-up allowed to isolate copper from seawater matrix and to measure the 65Cu/63Cu ratios in seawater with an external precision of 0.06‰ (2 s.d.). This method was first applied for inter-comparison measurements to surface and deep waters sampled at station BATS in the North Atlantic Ocean. Disparities in δ65Cu reported here and in the literature over these samples...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Copper isotope; Seawater; Mediterranean Sea; Geotraces; Isotope fractionation.
Ano: 2019 URL:
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