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Strong Site Effect Revealed by a New Broadband Seismometer on the Continental Shelf Offshore Nice Airport (Southeastern France) ArchiMer
Courboulex, Francoise; Mercerat, E. Diego; Deschamps, Anne; Migeon, Sebastien; Baques, Marion; Larroque, Christophe; Rivet, Diane; Hello, Yann.
A broadband seismological station (PRIMA) installed offshore Nice airport (southeastern France) reveals a strong amplification effect of seismic waves. PRIMA station was in operation for 2 years (9/2016 to 10/2018) on the outer shelf at a water depth of 18 m. Situated at the mouth of the Var River, this zone is unstable and prone to landslides. A catastrophic landslide and tsunami already occurred in 1979, causing 10 casualties. Given the level of seismicity of the area, it is important to infer the impact of an earthquake on this zone. We analyze the recordings of earthquakes and seismic noise at the PRIMA station by comparing them to nearby inland stations. We find that the seismic waves are strongly amplified at PRIMA at some specific frequencies (with...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Earthquakes; Site effects; Landslides; Offshore seismometer; Seismic hazard.
Ano: 2020 URL:
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