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Seafloor habitat definition for spatial management in fisheries: a case study on the continental shelf of southeast Australia 5
Bax, N; Kloser, R; Williams, A; Gowlett-holmes, K; Ryan, T.
The importance of habitat to Fisheries production on Australia's southeast continental shelf is part of a five-year study of ecosystem functioning and its implications for a sustainable fishery. Benthic habitats from 40 m to similar to 200 m were studied, based on identification of suitable sites from local fishers' information. Results presented here concentrate on data from a single mesohabitat at 40-60 m depth collected over two days. Macrohabitats within this mesohabitat were discriminated as soft, hard and rough from visual inspection of acoustic echograms. Subsequent analysis of the return echoes using roughness and hardness indices did not significantly improve real-time visual discriminations. Macrohabitats were sampled with an underwater video...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Habitat benthique; Acoustique; Communauté biologique; Vidéo sous-marine; Gestion spatiale; Seafloor habitat; Acoustics; Biological communities; Underwater video; Spatial management.
Ano: 1999 URL:
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