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Sand bodies and sand transport paths at the English Channel-North Sea border: Morphology, hydrodynamics and radioactive tracing ArchiMer
Beck, C; Clabaut, P; Dewez, S; Vicaire, O; Chamley, H; Augris, C; Hoslin, R; Caillot, A.
Surficial sediments and detailed submarine morphology of the southern Strait of Dover have been mapped using different complementary techniques: side-scan sonar survey, bottom sediment sampling, and bathymetry. The geometry and regional pattern of sand bodies - sand waves, megaripples, sand ribbons, etc. - as well as current-meter data and eight radioactive tracing experiments in different settings, are presented and analyzed. The mean regional net sand transport is 0.2 m super(3)/linear metre/day. The strong tidal currents of the region studied are considered as the main factor responsible for sand transport, while the swell plays an important but local role in maintaining particulate matter in suspension.
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Ano: 1991 URL:
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