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Inferring phytoplankton carbon and eco-physiological rates from diel cycles of spectral particulate beam-attenuation coefficient ArchiMer
Dall'Olmo, G.; Boss, E.; Behrenfeld, M. J.; Westberry, T. K.; Courties, C.; Prieur, L.; Pujo-pay, M.; Hardman-mountford, N.; Moutin, T..
The diurnal fluctuations in solar irradiance impose a fundamental frequency on ocean biogeochemistry. Observations of the ocean carbon cycle at these frequencies are rare, but could be considerably expanded by measuring and interpreting the inherent optical properties. A method is presented to analyze diel cycles in particulate beam-attenuation coefficient (c(p)) measured at multiple wavelengths. The method is based on fitting observations with a size-structured population model coupled to an optical model to infer the particle size distribution and physiologically relevant parameters of the cells responsible for the measured diel cycle in c(p). Results show that the information related to size and contained in the spectral data can be exploited to...
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Ano: 2011 URL:
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