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Marine growth effect on the hydrodynamical behavior of a submarine cable under current and wave conditions. 5
Marty, Antoine; Berhault, Christian; Damblans, Guillaume; Facq, Jean-valery; Gaurier, Benoit; Germain, Gregory; Soulard, Thomas; Schoefs, Franck.
This document describes the experimental set-up of OMDYN2 and LEHERO-MG projects. The study aims to quantify the impact of biofouling on the dynamic behaviour of an underwater power cable by analysing the hydrodynamic coefficients, such as drag and added mass coefficients. Experiments have been carried out in the wave and current basin of IFREMER, located at Boulogne-sur-mer, in order to compare the dynamics of several cylinders with or without roughness. Three cylinders are tested, two cylinders with different roughnesses and one smooth cylinder. The studied roughnesses concern realistic marine growth and have therefore significantly bigger dimensions (like mussels) than roughness studied in the research literature on the subject. Tests are conducted...
Tipo: Text
Ano: 2020 URL:
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