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Adaptability and leaf anatomical features in oil palm seedlings produced by embryo rescue and pre-germinated seeds Braz. J. Plant Physiol.
Luis,Zanderluce G.; Bezerra,Kadja Milena G.; Scherwinski-Pereira,Jonny Everson.
Changes in the leaf structure of plants grown in different conditions have been reported, such as increase in size and density of stomata and reduction in stomatal control, amount of epicuticular wax, and mesophyll thickness, with a high diversity of intercellular spaces. However, these changes are highly variable depending on the physiological and morphological characteristics of each species. The objective of this work was to analyze the adaptability and anatomical plasticity of oil palm seedlings produced after embryo rescue and pre-germinated seeds. Expanded leaves were prepared for evaluation of morphometric data and anatomical structures. It was verified that the environmental conditions in vitro negatively influenced the stomata density, epidermal...
Tipo: Info:eu-repo/semantics/article Palavras-chave: Elaeis guineensis; Arecaceae; Germination; Embryo culture; Acclimatization; Plantlets metabolism.
Ano: 2010 URL:
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