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The Aquitaine Shelf edge (Bay of Biscay): a primary outlet for microbial methane release ArchiMer
Dupré, Stephanie; Loubrieu, Benoit; Pierre, C.; Scalabrin, Carla; Guerin, Charline; Ehrhold, Axel; Ogor, Andre; Gautier, Emeric; Ruffine, Livio; Biville, Romain; Saout, Johan; Breton, C; Floodpage, J.; Lescanne, M..
A few thousand (2612) seeps are releasing microbial methane bubbles from the seafloor at the Aquitaine Shelf edge (Bay of Biscay) at shallow water depths (140‐220 m). This methane contributes to the formation of meter‐scale subcircular carbonate structures, which are (sub‐)outcropping over 375 km2. Based on in situ flow rate measurements and acoustic data, and assuming steady and continuous fluxes over time, the methane entering the water column is estimated to 144 Mg/yr. Microbial methane circulation has been on‐going for at least a few thousand years. This discovery highlights the importance of microbial methane generation, disconnected from deep thermogenic sources and gas hydrates, at continental shelves. The shelf edge may be viewed as a focus area...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Microbial methane; Continental shelf; Fluid emissions; High‐resolution acoustics; Aquitaine Margin; Methane‐derived authigenic carbonates.
Ano: 2020 URL:
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