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Assessing aquaculture sustainability: a comparative methodology ArchiMer
Lazard, Jerome; Rey-valette, Helene; Aubin, Joel; Mathe, Syndhia; Chia, Eduardo; Caruso, Domenico; Mikolasek, Olivier; Blancheton, Jean Paul; Legendre, Marc; Rene, Francois; Levang, Patrice; Slembrouck, Jacques; Morissens, Pierre; Clements, Olivier.
Little work dealing with the evaluation of aquaculture system sustainability has so far been undertaken on a global and comparative basis. Moreover, such work is mostly based on very unbalanced approaches in terms of the dimensions of sustainable development that are taken into account. The approach adopted in this article is designed to encompass all the dimensions of sustainability including the institutional one (governance). The taking into account of this latter, in particular, together with the role played by aquaculture in sustainability at the territorial level gives the approach its original and innovative nature. The process of establishing the checklist of sustainability indicators in aquaculture relies on a hierarchical nesting approach which...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Aquaculture; Indicators; Co-construction; Sustainability.
Ano: 2014 URL:
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