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Water diffusivity in PA66: Experimental characterization and modeling based on free volume theory 5
Broudin, M.; Le Gac, Pierre-yves; Le Saux, V.; Champy, C.; Robert, G.; Charrier, P.; Marco, Y..
Diffusion of water in polyamide 6.6 has been characterized for a wide range of temperatures (from 25 to 80 °C) and various humidities using dynamic vapor sorption machine. The decrease in glass transition temperature (Tg) has also been measured using DMA tests. As usually observed, PA66 absorbs a large amount of water (up to 5% at 90%RH) with a Fickian behavior with a diffusion coefficient that depends on water activity for all temperatures. Moreover, it appears that the diffusion coefficient for tests performed below Tg is almost independent of the water activity whereas a strong dependency is observed above Tg. This behavior is to be compared to a large decrease of Tg with the absorption of water. The increase of the water diffusion can therefore be...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Water absorption; Free volume; Polyamide; Modeling.
Ano: 2015 URL:
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