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New Advances in Voice Activity Detection using HOS and Optimization Strategies InTech
J.M. Gorriz; J. Ramirez; C.G. Puntonet.
This paper showed three different schemes for improving speech detection robustness and the performance of speech recognition systems working in noisy environments. These methods are based on: i) statistical likelihood ratio tests (LRTs) formulated in terms of the integrated bispectrum of the noisy signal. The integrated bispectrum is defined as a cross spectrum between the signal and its square, and therefore a function of a single frequency variable. It inherits the ability of higher order statistics to detect signals in noise with many other additional advantages; ii) Hard decision clustering approach where a set of prototypes is used to characterize the noisy channel. Detecting the presence of speech is enabled by a decision rule formulated in terms of...
Tipo: 3 Palavras-chave: Robust Speech Recognition and Understanding.
Ano: 2007 URL:
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