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Le rouget barbet de roche Mullus surmuletus (L. 1758) en Manche orientale et mer du Nord. ArchiMer
Mahe, Kelig; Destombe, A.; Coppin, Franck; Koubbi, P.; Vaz, Sandrine; Le Roy, Didier; Carpentier, Audrey.
General introduction: The red mullet is among the fish that are the most popular and that have been known of for the longest amount of time. The Greeks and the Romans have left us in their literature famous pages in which they praise the quality and beautiful colours of their gurnards and their mulles. Also, the skin of this fish has been very popular since earliest antiquity: It is said that for the Romans, a beautiful fish was worth more than the man who had caught it! Moreover, at feasts, a red mullet was displayed in a vase to amuse the guests with the changes of colour (Bloch, 1793). The red rock mullet (Mullus surmuletus) is a benthic fish, which means it lives near the sea bottom. It is geographically present in the Atlantic Ocean from the coasts...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Sig; North sea; English channel; Population dynamic data; Habitat; Spatial repartition; Biology; Mullus surmuletus.
Ano: 2005 URL:
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