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Characterization of littoral erosion and submersion hazards in Brittany by historical approach ArchiMer
Henaff, Alain; Le Cornec, Erwan; Jabbar, Marie; Petre, Anne; Corfou, Jeremy; Le Drezen, Yann; Van Vliet-lanoe, B..
Knowledge regarding the systemic vulnerability of coastal territories to erosion and flood has progressed during the last decades thanks to the consideration of hazards but also of other components such as the stakes, the management and the social representations of the coastal risks. However, in numerous cases the development and urbanization of coastal territories submitted to the coastal risks continues. It results in the increase of exposed populations as well as in the increase of the cost of exposed properties, increasing in return their vulnerability. So, in the objective to improve the management strategies and to strengthen the memory of the risk, the need to specify the characteristics of hazards remains important. In this sense, the intensity,...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Risques côtiers; Aléa; Érosion côtière; Submersion marine; Caractérisation spatiale; Bretagne; Coastal risks; Hazard; Coastal erosion; Coastal flooding; Spatial characterization; Brittany.
Ano: 2018 URL:
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