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On the Use of Doppler Shift for Sea Surface Wind Retrieval From SAR ArchiMer
Mouche, Alexis; Collard, Fabrice; Chapron, Bertrand; Dagestad, Knut-frode; Guitton, Gilles; Johannessen, Johnny A.; Kerbaol, Vincent; Hansen, Morten Wergeland.
The synthetic aperture radar (SAR) Doppler centroid has been used to estimate the scatter line-of-sight radar velocity. In weak to moderate ocean surface current environment, the SAR Doppler centroid is dominated by the directionality and strength of wave-induced ocean surface displacements. In this paper, we show how this sea state signature can be used to improve surface wind retrieval from SAR. Doppler shifts of C-band radar return signals from the ocean are thoroughly investigated by colocating wind measurements from the ASCAT scatterometer with Doppler centroid anomalies retrieved from Envisat ASAR. An empirical geophysical model function (CDOP) is derived, predicting Doppler shifts at both VV and HH polarization as function of wind speed, radar...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Doppler; Surface wind; Synthetic aperture radar (SAR).
Ano: 2012 URL:
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