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Evidence from Tm anomalies for non-CI refractory lithophile element proportions in terrestrial planets and achondrites ArchiMer
Barrat, Jean-alix; Dauphas, N.; Gillet, P.; Bollinger, C.; Etoubleau, Joel; Bischoff, A.; Yamaguchi, A..
Thulium is a heavy rare earth element (REE) whose geochemical behavior is intermediate between Er and Yb, and that is not expected to be decoupled from these elements during accretion of planetary bodies and geological processes. However, irregularities in REE volatilities at higher temperature could have decoupled the REEs relative to one another during the early stages of condensation of the solar nebula. Indeed, positive Tm anomalies are found in some refractory inclusions from carbonaceous chondrites, and it is possible that large scale nebular reservoirs displaying positive or negative Tm anomalies were formed during the early history of the solar system. We analyzed a series of meteorites and terrestrial rocks in order to evaluate the existence of Tm...
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Ano: 2016 URL:
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