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Saumon (Salmo salar) d’Atlantique Nord-Ouest : Calibration Franco- Canadienne de l’estimation de l’âge. Rapport final du contrat SALMOCODAGE ArchiMer
Mahe, Kelig; Deschamps, Denise; Elleboode, Romain; Goraguer, Herle.
France and Canada work together to follow the salmon populations (Salmo salar) of the North-western Atlantic, integrating the French territory of Saint Pierre and Miquelon (subdivision 3Ps). Ageing data are thus provided by these countries. The age estimation of salmon is carried out starting from the scales. These present two distinct areas because this migrating fish lives at first in rivers and the second part at sea with some passages in rivers (homing phenomenon). As a result of which, the interpretation of ages from these scales is difficult. The purpose of this meeting which was held in Saint-Pierre and Miquelon from the 10 to September 14, 2012 with French and Canadian scientists, was to measure and optimize the precision of the age data provided...
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Ano: 2012 URL:
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