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Polyphase tectonic evolution of fore‐arc basin related to STEP fault as revealed by seismic reflection data from the Alboran Sea (W‐Mediterranean) ArchiMer
D'Acremont, E.; Lafosse, M.; Rabaute, A.; Teurquety, G.; Do Couto, D.; Ercilla, G.; Juan, C.; Mercier De Lépinay, B.; Lafuerza, Sara; Galindo‐zaldivar, J.; Estrada, F.; Vazquez, J.t.; Leroy, S.; Poort, J.; Ammar, A.; Gorini, C..
Since the Miocene, the thinned continental crust below the Alboran Sea as well as its overlying sedimentary cover have been undergoing deformation caused by both convergence of Eurasia and Africa and by deep processes related to the Tethyan slab retreat. Part of this deformation is recorded at the Xauen and Tofiño banks in the southern Alboran Sea. Using swath bathymetry and multichannel seismic reflection data, we identified different stages and styles of deformation. The South Alboran Basin is made up of Early Miocene to Pliocene sedimentary layers that correlate with the West Alboran Basin depocenter and are dominated by E‐W trending folds and thrusts. The Xauen and Tofiño Banks first recorded the phase of extension and strike‐slip movement during the...
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Ano: 2020 URL:
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