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Mesoscale spatio-temporal dynamics of demersal assemblages of the Eastern Ionian Sea in relationship with natural and fisheries factors ArchiMer
Tsagarakis, Konstantinos; Mytilineou, Chryssi; Haralabous, John; Lorance, Pascal; Politou, Chrissi-yianna; Dokos, John.
Data from the MEDITS bottom trawl surveys in the Eastern Ionian Sea, covering a depth range of 28 to 845 m were analysed for the period 1998-2008. For each trawling location, environmental and geographical parameters were recorded, while biomass, abundance, biodiversity and size-based metrics were estimated for the total megafaunal community, as well as for four taxonomic sub-communities (Osteichthyes, Chondrichthyes, Crustacea and Cephalopoda) which were expected to respond differently to environmental changes and fishing. In addition, biomass and abundance of ten species selected based on commercial interest, depth range and life history traits were explored, with particular emphasis on deep-sea species. Fishing effort data collected during the study...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Biodiversity; Fisheries impacts; Demersal community; Survey indicators; Temporal trends; Mediterranean Sea.
Ano: 2013 URL:
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