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Effects of alga Fucus serratus decline on benthic assemblages and trophic linkages at its retreating southern range edge ArchiMer
Duarte, Linney; Rossi, Francesca; Docal, Cristina; Viejo, Rosa M..
Canopy-forming seaweeds are important coastal ecosystem engineers that sustain diverse multi-trophic assemblages. Their losses, with the subsequent reduction in habitat complexity, have been documented across many parts of the world and are often attributed to climate change and other anthropogenic factors. The general aim of the present study was to understand the repercussions of the decline of the canopy-forming alga Fucus serratus L. at its retreating southern range edge in the diversity and food-web linkages of intertidal assemblages. Few studies have attempted to document changes in benthic food webs following canopy loss. We examined the differences among southern locations situated at different distances from the range margin: those at the very...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Canopy-forming algae; Fucus serratus; Rear range edge margin; Delta N-15; Delta C-13; Stable isotope analysis; Food web.
Ano: 2015 URL:
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