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Assessment of the quantities of herbicides and nutrients brought down by the river Charente to the coast and modelling of the dispersion of atrazine in the Marennes-Oleron bay ArchiMer
Munaron, Dominique; Dubernet, Jf; Delmas, F; Stanisiere, Jean-yves; Scribe, P.
Our study aims at making progress the estimate of herbicide and nutrient inputs to the Marennes-Oleron bay which could influence summer oysters mortalities, and to bring, a better understanding of the impact on coastal ecosystems by modelling the dynamics of these compounds in the shellfish-farming area. The development of a strategy adapted to the river Charente and its estuary reveals that agricultural activity on the watershed area is omnipresent, as well on the level of the nitrogen as on the one of herbicides contributions. It is thus necessary to specify Charente fluxes, which is the main tributary of the Marennes-Oleron bay, in order to better characterize its impact on shell fish-farming activity. Hydrodynamic modelling will constitute an...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Marennes Oleron bay; River Charente; Modelling; Fluxes; Nutrients; Herbicides.
Ano: 2006 URL:
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