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La conception de structures navales en sandwich: Un probleme inverse ArchiMer
Holm, D; Esping, B; Romell, O; Campion, F.
An integrated approach is introduced for the solution of the inverse problem: which are the lamina orientation, laminate constitution, core quality and thickness combination ensuring specified objective(s) to be reached? The optimal solution is obtained using mathematically stringent optimization methods (the Method of Moving Asymptotes, MMA) coupled with finite element analysis, interactive graphic pre- and post-processing and parametric modelling, as implemented in OASIS-ALADDIN. This approach has been applied to the optimal design of the hull structure of a Surface Effect Ship made of GRP-sandwich. The objective was to minimize the weight of the ship by determining the optimum skin and core thicknesses of structural members of the hull as well as web...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Finite element method; Glass reinforced plastics; Ship hulls; Safety devices; Ship technology; Ship design; Composite materials; Sandwich; Composite; Problème inverse; Sensibilité; Optimisation.
Ano: 1992 URL:
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