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Trends of anthropogenic CO 2 along 20º W in the Iberian Basin ArchiMer
Fajar, N. M.; Pardo, P. C.; Carracedo, Lidia; Vazquez-rodriguez, M.; Rios, A. F.; Perez, Ff.
The carbon system in the water masses of the Iberian Basin (North Atlantic Ocean) has been affected over the last two decades by the increase in anthropogenic CO2 (C-ant). In order to study the storage of C-ant in the Iberian Basin, variables of the carbonic system (i.e., pH, total inorganic carbon, and total alkalinity), among others, were measured during the CAIBOX cruise conducted between July and August 2009 within the framework of the CAIBEX project (Shelf-Ocean Exchanges in the Canary-Iberian Large Marine Ecosystem). The storage of C-ant was estimated using two different back-calculation techniques (i.e., the phi C degrees(T) and TrOCA methods) and for six layers of the water column corresponding to the approximate locations of the characteristic...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Anthropogenic CO2; Back-calculation.
Ano: 2012 URL:
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