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A ‘during-infection’ spray strategy using sulphur compounds, copper, silicon and a new formulation of potassium bicarbonate for primary scab control in organic apple production. Organic Eprints
Jamar, Laurent; Lefrancq, Bruno; Fassotte, Christianne; Lateur, Marc.
In a field experiment conducted over two growing seasons, the effectiveness and phytotoxicity of inorganic fungicides such as sulphur, lime sulphur, copper, silicon and Armicarb (a new formulation of potassium bicarbonate) was compared with water for the control of primary apple scab infections in Belgium on high, medium and low scab-susceptible cultivars (cvs. ‘Pinova’, ‘Pirouette’ and ‘Reinette des Capucins’, respectively). In order to drastically reduce the amount of fungicide applied in the orchard, two approaches were used: (i) a strategy involving spraying during the infection process, just before conditions for infection had been fulfilled according to the RIMpro software warning system; and (ii) a tunnel sprayer machine for treatment applications....
Tipo: Journal paper Palavras-chave: Crop health; Quality; Protection.
Ano: 2008
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