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Isolation and primary culture of gill and digestive gland cells from the common mussel Mytilus edulis ArchiMer
Faucet, Jerome; Maurice, Manuelle; Gagnaire, Beatrice; Renault, Tristan; Burgeot, Thierry.
As the marine mussel Mytilus edulis is commonly used as a sentinel species, it would be useful to develop a primary culture of the target organs most often in contact with the marine environment. This study reports an improved method for dissociating the digestive gland and gills of M. edulis and considers the effect of mussel storage on cell viability and functionality before culture initiation. Viability and enzymatic activities such as those of esterase and peroxidase were monitored by flow cytometry, a sensitive, objective technique allowing large volumes of cells to be counted within a short time. A primary culture of digestive gland showed more than 75% viability after 72 h. Mussels were maintained in an aquarium containing clean, oxygenated seawater...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Mytilus edulis; Gill; Flow cytometry; Digestive gland; Cell culture.
Ano: 2004 URL:
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