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A synoptic revision of Inversodicraea (Podostemaceae) Naturalis
Cheek, M.; Feika, A.; Lebbie, A.; Goyder, D.; Tchiengue, B.; Sene, O.; Tchouto, P.; Burgt, X. van der.
Six new species of Inversodicraea (I. feika from Sierra Leone, I. liberia from Liberia, and I. ebo, I. eladii, I. tchoutoi, and I. xanderi from Cameroon) are described as new to science in the context of a synoptic revision of this African genus, now comprising 30 species, including I. cussetiana comb. nov., newly transferred from Macropodiella. Inversodicraea is now equal in number of species to Ledermanniella (as redefined), as the largest genus of the family in Africa. Terete or slightly dorsiventrally flattened leaf petioles (not sheathing and/or stipulate) are newly discovered to distinguish the genus from Ledermanniella, in addition to the presence of scale-leaves. Inversodicraea boumiensis, I. annithomae, and I. bosii are redelimited in this paper....
Tipo: Article / Letter to the editor Palavras-chave: Conservation; Extinction risk; Hybridisation; Hydroelectric dam projects; Rheophytes; Stage-dependent heteromorphy.
Ano: 2017 URL:
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