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Intuitive Multimodal Interaction with Communication Robot Fritz InTech
Maren Bennewitz; Felix Faber; Dominik Joho; Sven Behnke.
In this chapter, we presented our humanoid communication robot Fritz. Fritz communicates in an intuitive, multimodal way. He employs speech, an animated face, eyegaze, and gestures to interact with people. Depending on the audio-visual input, our robot shifts its attention between different communication partners in order to involve them into an interaction. Fritz performs human-like arm and head gestures, which are synchronized to the speech synthesis. He generates pointing gestures with its head, eyes, and arms to direct the attention of its communication partners towards objects of interest. Fritz changes its emotional state
Tipo: 32 Palavras-chave: Humanoid Robots; Human-like Machines.
Ano: 2007 URL:
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