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Carbonate system in the water masses of the Southeast Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean during February and March 2008 ArchiMer
Gonzalez-davila, M.; Santana-casiano, J. M.; Fine, R. A.; Happell, J.; Delille, B.; Speich, Sabrina.
Carbonate system variables were measured in the South Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean along a transect from South Africa to the southern limit of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC) from February to March 2008. Eddies detached from the retroflection of the Agulhas Current increased the gradients observed along the fronts. Minima in the fugacity of CO2, fCO(2), and maxima in pH on either side of the frontal zone were observed, noting that within the frontal zone fCO(2) reached maximum values and pH was at a minimum. Vertical distributions of water masses were described by their carbonate system properties and their relationship to CFC concentrations. Upper Circumpolar Deep Water (UCDW) and Lower Circumpolar Deep Water (LCDW) offered pH(T,25)...
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Ano: 2011 URL:
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