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Evaluation du stock de palourdes du bassin d'Arcachon 5
Bertignac, Michel; Auby, Isabelle; Sauriau, Pierre-guy; De Montaudouin, Xavier; Foucard, Julie; Martin, Sophie.
As part of a larger project financed by the European Union programme "Community initiative PESCA" on the study of "small scale fisheries" in Aquitaine (France), an estimation of the stock of clams in the Bassin d'Arcachon has been conducted. A two-stage stratified random sampling survey has been designed. Samples have been collected using a Hamon bottom sampler in 237 locations distributed over 24 km2. The clam Tapes philippinarum, which appeared in the basin following a series of aquaculture experiments in the mid eighties, is now the main species accounting for more than 90% of the abundance and the biomass, largely overcoming the European species Tapes decussata. The mean abundance and biomass (26 clams / m2 et l28g / m2) are above those estimated in...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Palourde; Tapes philippinarum; Tapes decussata; Evaluation stock; Pêche; Pêche à pied; Echantillonnage; Bassin d'Arcachon; Clam; Tapes philippinarum; Tapes decussata; Stock assessment; Fishery; Sampling; Bassin d'Arcachon.
Ano: 2001 URL:
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