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The Manila clam population in Arcachon Bay (SW France): Can it be kept sustainable? ArchiMer
Dang, Cecile; De Montaudouin, Xavier; Gam, Meriame; Paroissin, Christian; Bru, Noelle; Caill-milly, Nathalie.
The venerid clam Ruditapes philippinarum is the most prominent suspension-feeding bivalve inhabiting muddy intertidal seagrass beds in Arcachon Bay (SW France). It is exploited by fishermen, and Arcachon Bay ranks number one in France in terms of production and total biomass of this species. Previous studies revealed a decrease in the standing stock of R. philippinarum since 2003 and unbalanced length-frequency distributions with a lack of juveniles and of adults >40 mm. Consequently, the population dynamics of this bivalve were studied at four intertidal sites and one oceanic site in Arcachon Bay. As clam size structure did not allow classical dynamics computations. field monitoring was coupled with field experiments (tagging-recapture) over two years....
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Manila Clam; Ruditapes philippinarum; Growth; Mortality; Reproduction; Population Dynamic; Production; Productivity.
Ano: 2010 URL:
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