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Biological control of cucumber and sugar beet damping-off caused by Pythium ultimum with bacterial and fungal antagonists Organic Eprints
Georgakopoulos, D. G.; Fiddaman, P.; Leifert, C.; Malathrakis, N. E..
Aims: Five bacterial strains belonging to Bacillus subtilis , Pseudomonas fluorescens and Ps . corrugata and two fungal strains belonging to Trichoderma viride and Gliocladium virens were evaluated for their efficacy in controlling sugar beet and cucumber damping-off caused by Pythium ultimum . Methods and Results: The in vitro antagonistic activity of bacteria against various Pythium spp. was evaluated with dual cultures in various media. Pseudomonas strains inhibited the pathogen better than Bacillus strains. To identify potentially useful antagonist combinations, dual compatibility of antagonists was also evaluated, based on growth in two liquid media containing substrate previously used by other antagonists. Four pairs of bacteria were selected. Sugar...
Tipo: Journal paper Palavras-chave: Crop health; Quality; Protection Soil biology.
Ano: 2002 URL:
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