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The planktonic food web of the Bizerte lagoon (south-western Mediterranean) during summer: I. Spatial distribution under different anthropogenic pressures ArchiMer
Hlaili, A; Grami, B; Niquil, N; Gosselin, M; Hamel, D; Troussellier, Marc; Mabrouk, H.
The structure and the trophic interactions of the planktonic food web were investigated during summer 2004 in a coastal lagoon of southwestern Mediterranean Sea. Biomasses of planktonic components as well as bacterial and phytoplankton production and grazing by microzooplankton were quantified at four stations (MA, MB, MJ and R) inside the lagoon. Station MA was impacted by urban discharge, station MB was influenced by industrial activity, station MJ was located in a shellfish farming sector, while station R represented the lagoon central area. Biomasses and production rates of bacteria (7-33 mg C m(-3); 17.5-35 mg C m(-3) d(-1)) and phytoplankton (80-299 mg C m(-3); 34-210 mg C m(-3) d(-1)) showed high values at station MJ, where substantial...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Anthropogenic pressure; Spatial distribution; Planktonic food web; Mediterranean lagoon.
Ano: 2008 URL:
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