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Eemian estuarine record forced by glacio-isostasy (southern Iceland)-link with Greenland and deep sea records ArchiMer
Van Vliet-lanoe, Brigitte; Schneider, Jean-luc; Gudmundsson, Agust; Guillou, Herve; Nomade, Sebastien; Chazot, Gilles; Liorzou, Celine; Guegan, Solene.
Central southern Iceland is one of the main outlets of the Icelandic Ice Sheet where a MIS 5e sedimentary complex, the Ranga Formation, is extensively observed below the last deglaciation terminal moraines. Sedimentary facies demonstrate that the Ranga Formation is mostly tidal, up to 215 m (transgression I) and 168 m (transgression II) in altitude. The first highstand reworks a thick tephra from the Grimsvotn volcano, known in marine cores as 5e low/Bas-IV and positioned at ca. 127 Ka BP, the Eemian thermal optimum. This formation is related to a rapid deglaciation followed by two marine transgressions marked by the development of extended mud flats, which were separated by a complex regression phase, associated with loess deposition, ca. 9 Ka in...
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Ano: 2018 URL:
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