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Elevage de copepodes harpacticoïdes (Tisbe holothuriae) en cycle complet. Rôle des facteurs température et nutrition ArchiMer
Gaudy, R.; Guerin, J.p..
Following are results obtained in our laboratory during breeding expe­riments with an harpacticoid copepod, Tisbe holothuriae. In small size volumes (200 ml), the potential production appears to be higher when an artificial compound food of animal substances is used instead of a vegetal diet. In medium volume experiments (100 l) the production is related to the surface available for animals in breeding tanks, Breeding in complete cycles can be obtained using various foods, but the quality of diet may markedly affect the characteristics of the vital cycle, such as the length of the fertility period and fecundity. Temperature has a cru­cial effect, chiefly on dynamic preoccesses, that is to say, developmental rate and average generation time. With different...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Production; Dynamique des populations; Biomasse; Composition chimique élémentaire; Bilan énergétique; Copépodes harparcticoïdes; Production; Population dynamic; Biomass; Chemical elementary composition; Energy balance; Hapacticoïd copepods.
Ano: 1979 URL:
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