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Evidence of a variable "unsampled" pelagic fish biomass in shallow water (< 20 m): the case of the Gulf of Lion ArchiMer
Brehmer, P; Guillard, J; Guennegan, Yvon; Bigot, Jean-louis; Liorzou, Bernard.
Studies of small pelagic fish biomass are limited by the fact that research vessels and fishing boats are usually restricted to working areas with a bottom depth > 20 m. Consequently, "unsampled" areas can represent a large proportion of the continental shelf, and the biomass in those areas can be important and must be taken into account in assessment methods in order to avoid misleading interpretations in population dynamics. A time-series tell years long has been compiled from acoustic-assessment surveys of small pelagic fish stocks, and the results show an overall increase in the acoustic fish density towards the coast, where values were the highest. Additional experiments on transects covering shallow-water areas (5-20 m) were conducted from 2001 to...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Spatial distribution; Small pelagic fish; Shallow water; Hydroacoustic methods; Assessment.
Ano: 2006 URL:
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