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Functional links between sea-bed habitats and demersal fish stocks (A generic model of benthic productivity, diversity and natural disturbance, and a dynamic food web model of benthic ecosystem function) ArchiMer
Rijnsdorp, A.d.; Van Kooten, T.; Van De Wolfshaar, K.; Eggleton, J.; Bolam, S.g.; Buhl-mortensen, Lene; Garcia, C.; Gonzalez, G.; Dinesen, Grete; Papadopoulou, Nadia; Smith, Chris; Gumus, A.; Bastardie, François; Eigaard, O.r.; Hiddink, Jan Geert; Sciberras, M.; Kenny, Andrew; Laffargue, Pascal; Piet, G.j.; Polet, Hans; Van Denderen, P.d.; Van Kooten, Tobias; Zengin, Mustafa.
An important consideration in assessing the impacts of fishing on seabed habitats is to understand the functional links (as trophic interactions) between populations of demersal fish species and potential benthic invertebrate prey (food) which live on or in the seabed. The type of sea-bed fauna has been shown to respond to both natural variation in habitat conditions and in response to different levels of fishing pressure. The extent to which different commercial fish species will depend on specific combinations of habitat type and fishing disturbance to feed will likely be species specific. It has been suggested that positive changes in growth rates of different demersal fish species are not only related to density-dependent processes, but may also be...
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Ano: 2016 URL:
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