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Fishing Sea-bed Habitat Risk Assessment (A framework towards the quantitative assessment of trawling impact on the sea-bed and benthic ecosystem) ArchiMer
Rijnsdorp, A.d.; Bastardie, Francois; Bolam, S.g.; Buhl-mortensen, Lene; Eigaard, O.r.; Hamon, Katell G.; Hiddink, Jan Geert; Hintzen, N.t.; Ivanovic, Ana; Kenny, Andrew; Laffargue, Pascal; Nielsen, R.n.; O’neill, F.g.; Piet, G.j.; Polet, Hans; Sala, Antonello; Smith, Chris; Van Denderen, P.d.; Van Kooten, Tobias; Zengin, Mustafa.
A framework to assess the impact of mobile fishing gear on the seabed and benthic ecosystem is presented. The framework that can be used at regional and local scales considers the physical effects of trawl gears on the seabed, on marine taxa and the functioning of the benthic ecosystem. A reductionist approach is applied that breaks down a fishing gear in its components and distinguishes a number of biological traits that are chosen to determine the vulnerability of benthos for the impact of a gear component or to provide a proxy for their ecological role. The approach considers a wide variety of gear elements, such as otter boards, twin trawl clump and ground-rope, and, sweeps that herd the fish. The physical impact of these elements on the seabed,...
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Ano: 2015 URL:
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