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Sandwaves, internal waves and sediment mobility at the shelf-edge in the celtic sea ArchiMer
Heathershaw, Ad; Codd, Jm.
Considerations of sediment mobility and unusual wavelength pattern changes in large sandwaves lying deep in the Celtic Sea, suggest that these features are probably formed as a result of internai wave perturbations on a tidally driven stream of sediment transport. In particular it is shown that while currents due to the surface tides alone are capable of transporting the sediments, it is necessary to invoke an internai wave mechanism to give the observed pattern of wavelength change across the sandwave field. Cartwright's (1959) internallee-wave model is found to give qualitative agreement with the observed decrease in sandwave wavelength with increasing distance from the shelf-break.
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Dunes; Ondes internes; Mer Celtique; Sandwaves; Internai waves; Celtic sea.
Ano: 1985 URL:
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