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A large multi-pathogen waterborne community outbreak linked to faecal contamination of a groundwater system, France, 2000 ArchiMer
Gallay, A; De Valk, H; Cournot, M; Ladeuil, B; Hemery, C; Castor, C; Bon, F; Megraud, F; Le Cann, Pierre; Desenclos, Jc.
A large waterborne outbreak of infection that occurred during August 2000 in a local community in France was investigated initially via a rapid survey of visits to local physicians. A retrospective cohort study was then conducted on a random cluster sample of residents. Of 709 residents interviewed, 202 (28.5%) were definite cases (at least three liquid stools/day or vomiting) and 62 (8.7%) were probable cases (less than three liquid stools/day or abdominal pain). Those who had drunk tap water had a three-fold increased risk for illness (95% CI 2.4-4.0). The risk increased with the amount of water consumed (chi-square trend: p < 0.0001). Bacteriological analyses of stools were performed for 35 patients and virological analyses for 24 patients....
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Waterborne outbreak; Rotavirus; Norovirus; Gastroenteritis; Epidemiology; Campylobacter coli.
Ano: 2006 URL:
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