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Lee region of Gran Canaria 5
Barton, Ed; Basterretxea, G; Flament, Pierre; Mitchelson-jacob, Eg; Jones, B; Aristegui, J; Herrera, F.
The mountainous Canary Islands present obstacles to the trade winds and to the Canary Current flowing equatorward past them. In situ observations of hydrographic properties and surface winds south of Gran Canaria, together with advanced very high resolution radiometer and synthetic aperture radar images during 2 weeks in summer 1995 are analyzed, A cyclonic eddy shed from the west of the island drifted southwestward at 5 cm s(-1), while the southeast coast was approached by an upwelling filament originating: off NW Africa. A wind lee region bounded by intense horizontal sheer lines had a weak return islandward wind in its center. The lee formed a triangular, diurnally varying, warm water pool with two sea surface temperature maxima separated by lower...
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Ano: 2000 URL:
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