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Spatial distribution of hotspot material added to the lithosphere under La Reunion, from wide-angle seismic data ArchiMer
Charvis, Philippe; Laesanpura, Agus; Gallart, Josep; Hirn, Alfred; Lepine, Jean-claude; De Voogd, Beatrice; Minshull, Tim A.; Hello, Yann; Pontoise, Bernard.
Wide-angle seismic lines recorded by ocean bottom and land seismometers provide a pseudo three-dimensional investigation of the crust and upper mantle structure around the volcanically active hotspot island of La Reunion. The submarine part of the edifice has fairly low seismic velocities, without evidence for intrusives. An upper unit with a velocity-depth gradient is interpreted as made of material erupted subaerially then transported and compacted downslope. Between this unit and the top of the oceanic plate, imaged by normal incidence seismic reflection, a more homogeneous unit indicated by shadow zones on several wide-angle sections may correspond to lavas of a different nature, extruded underwater in the earlier phase of volcanism. Coincident wide...
Tipo: Text
Ano: 1999 URL:
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