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Chemical contaminants (trace metals, persistent organic pollutants) in albacore tuna from western Indian and south-eastern Atlantic Oceans: Trophic influence and potential as tracers of populations ArchiMer
Chouvelon, Tiphaine; Brach-papa, Christophe; Auger, Dominique; Bodin, Nathalie; Bruzac, Sandrine; Crochet, Sylvette; Degroote, Maxime; Hollanda, Stephanie J.; Hubert, Clarisse; Knoery, Joel; Munschy, Catherine; Puech, Alexis; Rozuel, Emmanuelle; Thomas, Bastien; West, Wendy; Bourjea, Jerome; Nikolic, Natacha.
Albacore tuna (Thunnus alalunga) is a highly commercial fish species harvested in the world's Oceans. Identifying the potential links between populations is one of the key tools that can improve the current management across fisheries areas. In addition to characterising populations' contamination state, chemical compounds can help refine foraging areas, individual flows and populations' structure, especially when combined with other intrinsic biogeochemical (trophic) markers such as carbon and nitrogen stable isotopes. This study investigated the bioaccumulation of seven selected trace metals – chromium, nickel, copper (Cu), zinc (Zn), cadmium (Cd), mercury (Hg) and lead – in the muscle of 443 albacore tunas, collected over two seasons and/or years in the...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Top predator; Bioaccumulation; Inorganic elements; Organic contaminants; Stable isotopes; Intrinsic markers.
Ano: 2017 URL:
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