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Fault-Tolerant Gait Planning of Multi-Legged Robots InTech
Jung-Min Yang; Yong-Kuk Park; Jin-Gon Kim.
In this article, gait planning for static walking of hexapod robots has been considered from a different point of view. The notion of a locked joint failure is introduced and its effect on robot walking is analyzed based on manipulator kinematics and gait study. A locked joint failure does not reduce stability of a gait but constrain the workspace of the failed leg to a restricted area. We have shown that there is a range of kinematic constraint on the configuration of the failed leg which guarantees the existence of post-failure walking on the straight-line and crab-walking trajectory, respectively. A strategy of fault tolerance for a locked joint failure has been proposed for the hexapod robot, in which the hexapod has discontinuous movement of the body...
Tipo: 28 Palavras-chave: Mobile Robotics; Moving Intelligence.
Ano: 2006 URL:
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