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Design of an Assistive Gait Device for Strength Endurance and Rehabilitation InTech
K. H. Low; Xiaopeng Liu; Haoyong Yu.
8.1 Conclusion This chapter has presented the development and control of a wearable lower exoskeleton system for augmentation of human walking ability, which incorporates human as the integral part of the control system and can relieve humans physical fatigue caused by excessive walking and heavy payloads. In this work, xPC Target, together with other toolboxes from MATLAB have been used so as to provide a real-time operating system and an integrated development environment for controlling the exoskeleton. Real-time control of the exoskeleton is implemented in this environment. At last, walking experiments are performed and demonstrated. 8.2 Future Work The first prototype is only a test bed to verify the control algorithms. It looks bulky and rough....
Tipo: 1 Palavras-chave: Humanoid Robots; Human-like Machines.
Ano: 2007 URL:
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