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Le merlu du golfe de Gascogne et de la mer Celtique : Croissance, Répartition spatiale et bathymétrique, Ecologie alimentaire et Assemblages ArchiMer
Kacher, Mohamed.
In the Bay of Biscay and Celtic Sea waters, hake is considered as genetically homogeneous and form a unique stock with identical meristic characteristics. The vertebral mean vary from 50,68 (vertebrae) during the first year of life to 51,11 (vertebrae) for adults. 0-group Merluccius display a rapid growth with significant interannual variability (0.71 in 2001 versus 0.74 in 2002). The spawning period occurs in April and the average length on the firth January following the hatching is of 17.3 cm (first seasonal check / increment on the sagittal otolith is located about 0.143 cm from the nucleus). At the end of the first year of life the average length is about 24 cm. The longevity of the species is important and growth parameters (L =...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Celtic sea; Bay of biscay; Ecologie; Juvéniles; Otolith; Growth; Assemblages; Hake; Mer celtique; Golfe de Gascogne; Ecologie; Juvéniles; Otolithe; Croissance; Assemblages; Merlu.
Ano: 2004 URL:
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