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Generating Natural Motion in an Android by Mapping Human Motion InTech
Daisuke Matsui; Takashi Minato; Karl F. MacDorman; Hiroshi Ishiguro.
This paper has proposed a method of implementing humanlike motions by mapping their three-dimensional appearance to the android using a motion capture system. By measuring the android's posture and comparing it to the posture of a human subject, we propose a new method to evaluate motion sequences along bodily surfaces. Unlike other approaches that focus on reducing joint angle errors, we consider how to evaluate differences in the android's apparent motion, that is, motion at its visible surfaces. The experimental results show the effectiveness of the evaluation: the method can transfer human motion. However, the method is restricted by the speed of the motion. We have to introduce a method to deal with the dynamic characteristics (Ben=Amor et al., 2007)...
Tipo: 18 Palavras-chave: Humanoid Robots; Human-like Machines.
Ano: 2007 URL:
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