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Investigation of a possible submarine landslide at the Var delta front (Nice continental slope, southeast France) ArchiMer
Sultan, Nabil; Savoye, Bruno; Jouet, Gwenael; Leynaud, Didier; Cochonat, Pierre; Henry, P.; Stegmann, Sylvia; Kopf, Achim.
The Var prodelta progrades across a straight, narrow shelf (less than 2 km wide) with a very steep continental slope reaching locally more than 30 degrees. Historically, the Var delta front is sadly famous for the 1979 catastrophic submarine landslide that resulted in several casualties and infrastructural damage. Geotechnical and geophysical investigations carried out in late 2007 to the east of the 1979 landslide scar provide evidence for the possible occurrence of a new important sedimentary collapse and submarine landslide. Geophysical data acquired in the area show the presence of several seafloor morphological steps rooted to shallow subsurface seismic reflections. Moreover, in situ piezocone measurements demonstrate the presence of several shear...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: CPTu; Gassy soil; Piezocone; Shear zone; Submarine landslides.
Ano: 2010 URL:
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