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Studies of Sub-Mesoscale Variability of the Ocean Upper Layer Based on Satellite Observations Data 5
Chapron, Bertrand; Kudryavtsev, V. N.; Collard, Fabrice; Rascle, Nicolas; Kubryakov, A. A.; Stanichny, S. V..
Purpose. The approach represented in the article is applied to analysis of satellite scanner optical images of high spatial resolution for identifying and quantitative determining the characteristics of the sub-mesoscale dynamic processes in the ocean upper layer. Methods and Results. The Envisat AATSR and MERIS SAR-images are used as the satellite data, which permit to determine the ocean surface temperature and surface brightness in the visible range, respectively. Variations in the sea surface glitter contrasts are associated with modulations of the sea surface roughness (rms slope of short waves) on the currents. It is shown that the surface roughness contrasts correlate with the spatial inhomogeneities of the ocean surface temperature, tracing...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Satellite observations; Air-sea interaction; Ocean upper layer dynamics; Temporal and spatial variability.
Ano: 2020 URL:
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