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Variability of delta-c-13 of sigma-co2 in ocean waters of the equatorial pacific ArchiMer
Laubelenfant, E; Pierre, C.
The transect from East to West Pacific realized along the equator during the Alize 2 cruise (January-March 1991) offers a unique opportunity to evaluate the effect of the equatorial upwelling on the partial derivative(13)C values of Sigma CO2 in oceanic waters. The surface partial derivative(13)C distribution from 95 degrees W to 165 degrees E is characterized by a general increase from 0.90 to 1.54 parts per thousand which parallels the temperature rise from 23 to 30 degrees C, both giving a signature of the upwelling and of the westward advection of superficial waters: the C-13 depletion in the Sigma CO2 marks the progressive influence of upwelled waters which are rich in C-13-depleted CO2 generated by organic matter remineralization. The vertical...
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Ano: 1994 URL:
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