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Inventory and distribution of tritium in the oceans in 2016 ArchiMer
Oms, Pierre-emmanuel; Bailly Du Bois, Pascal; Dumas, Franck; Lazure, Pascal; Morillon, Mehdi; Voiseux, Claire; Le Corre, Cedric; Cossonnet, Catherine; Solier, Luc; Morin, Pascal.
Tritium concentrations in oceans were compiled from the literature, online databases and original measurements in order to determine the global distribution of tritium concentrations according to latitude and depth in all oceans. The total inventory of tritium decay corrected in 2016 has been estimated using evaluation of the natural and artificial contributions in 23 spatial subdivisions of the total ocean. It is determined equal to 26.8 ± 14 kg including 3.8 kg of cosmogenic tritium. That is in agreement with the total atmospheric input of tritium from nuclear bomb tests and the natural inventory at steady-state estimated from natural production rates in the literature (27.8–29.3 kg in the Earth). We confirm the global increase in tritium according to...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Radionuclide; Tracer; Database; Background concentration.
Ano: 2019 URL:
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