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Comparative study of bactrial infections responsible for mass mortality in penaeid shrimp hatcheries of the Pacific zone ArchiMer
Le Groumellec, M.; Haffner, Philippe; Martin, B.; Martin, C..
Mass mortality associated with luminescence has been dbserved in sorne Thai and Ecuadorian penaeid shrimp hatcheries in recent years. Samples collected from hatcheries in these two different areas revealed luminescent sucrose-negative Vibrio strains in larVal rearing tanks where mortality occurred. Pathogenicity trials were carried out to identify the causative agents of mortality and to study the course of infection . . Results showed that strains isolated from Thai hatclleries were more virulent than Ecuadorian strains when tested on different larval stages of Penaeus monodon. The virulence of these strains was also estimated. Trials on other species ofpenaeid shrimp demonstrated the specifie action of Thai strains. Drug sensitivity patterns revealed a...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Mass mortality; Bacterial; Vibrio; Hatcheries; Penaeus monodon; Shrimp.
Ano: 1993 URL:
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